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Effective Interviewing!® Online Learning

The AESC has partnered with Management Team Consultants to bring to AESC members Effective Interviewing!® Online Learning. This course will help you learn how to better evaluate candidates and to spend less time and effort in preparing for any interview.

What subjects are covered?

Before the Interview

  • What is behavioral based interviewing?
  • Using behavioral competencies
  • How to determine if a candidate has specific competencies
  • Preparing a Job/Candidate profile
  • How to keep interviews legal

During the Interview

  • Using Open-ended questions
  • Interview Funnel™ Model
  • Interview Opening
  • Topic-opener Question
  • Accomplishment Questions
  • Self-appraisal Questions
  • Direct Competency Probes
  • Closing the interview
  • Example of an interview

After the Interview

  • How to use a Balance Sheet to make the final decision
  • What to look for in the final decision
  • How to reach consensus with an interview team

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact us.

Email: campus@aesc.org
Tel: (+1) 212-398-9556 Ext. 238


A special discounted rate of $200 is being offered to AESC Members who wish to take this course (usual retail price $235).

How to register

  1. Register online for this course using the 'Register Now' button below, and wait to receive access instructions from the AESC. You will have 4 days exactly from the time you first access the course to complete this Module; it takes about an hour and a half to complete

The Expert Trainer

Jim Kennedy, founder and president of Management Team Consultants, Inc., is a leading authority on selection interviewing. He has spent many years training seasoned professionals to interview more effectively. He is also the author of Getting Behind the Resume: Interviewing Today's Candidates, and his ideas appear frequently in the Wall Street Journal and other publications. No newcomer to intercultural training issues, Kennedy is the former Director of Human Resources for J. Walter Thompson, a global advertising agency. Kennedy is a graduate of Stanford University and the Harvard Business School Middle Management Program, and was formerly Manager of Employment for General Foods Corporation (now Kraft Foods).

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