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Selling Executive Search Services: The Art and Science of Creating a Buyer

Would you like to increase your lead stream? Convert more opportunities into sold engagements? Win more than your fair share of proposals against the competition? Broaden and grow your existing client relationships? To help you accomplish all of these goals, the AESC is pleased to offer its members a breakthrough program called Selling Executive Search Services: The Art and Science of Creating a Buyer.

Leading this dynamic course will be Andrew Sobel, best-selling business author and renowned authority in business development, sales and client relationship development. There is no one better qualified to help executive search professionals improve their selling skills. Please click on the above video to hear more from Andrew about what this course will entail.  

Our Speaker: Andrew Sobel

Andrew is considered the leading expert in the skills and strategies required to build clients for life. His most recent book, All for One, was selected by a major marketing publication as one of the 10 best professional services sales and marketing books of the decade.

Andrew's clients include many of the best known names in professional services, including Ernst & Young, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bain & Company, and Towers Watson. He has also consulted to four of the top five executive search firms in the world. Andrew's Full Biography

This course will be offered through two 90-minute teleseminars. Each seminar will focus on an essential aspect of growing your client revenues:

Session 1:

Building a Leadstream and Turning Leads into Solid Engagements.

What will I learn?

  • The essential trusted advisor skills which distinguish the commodity expert from the value-added business advisor
  • How to create a clear, incisive value proposition
  • How to establish a market focus and supporting network
  • Five models for building a client franchise
  • Traffic-building strategies to help draw leads in
  • The six necessary preconditions for a client to become a buyer of your services
  • How to skillfully handle a first meeting and accomplish four key goals: (i) Establish personal rapport, (ii) Identify the client\'s most pressing issues and needs, (iii) Build your credibility, and (iv) get a next step.

Session 2:

Mastering the Sales Process and Developing Clients for Life

What will I learn?

  • How to use brief, “Points of View” and “What We Finds” to engage your client and add value in the first five minutes.
  • How to manage the Political, Emotional, and Rational aspects of the sale
  • How to avoid being “flamed” in the second meeting
  • Eight steps you must follow before you write and submit a formal proposal
  • Strategies to become an Agenda Setter with clients and create sole-source business
  • Techniques for accessing and building relationships with c-suite executives
  • Strategies to take your thought leadership—and therefore your Marketing Gravity—to the next level.
  • How to ask for referrals from existing clients—and how to set yourself up so that when you do ask, your clients respond positively.


Session 1 and 2 available for download now.

Please contact Will Titus at wtitus@aesc.org for details.


AESC members - $200
Non-AESC Members - $250

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to purchase this webinar, please contact Will Titus at wtitus@aesc.org or on (+1) 212-398-9556 Ext. 238.